Meet Our Doctor

Nhung Phan, DMD

Meet Dr. Phan: Your Caring, Compassionate, Artistic Cosmetic Dental Expert

Welcome to our practice, where we take pride in introducing our exceptional dentist, Dr. Phan. With a meticulous approach and a compassionate heart, Dr. Phan is dedicated to transforming smiles and enhancing lives through her passion for dentistry. Her journey began at the esteemed Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), where she earned her dental degree. She then honed her skills through a residency at Southern Illinois, followed by a year-long implant fellowship, equipping her with comprehensive expertise in cosmetic and implant dentistry.

Dr. Phan’s attention to detail and commitment to excellence make her a standout in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Her work is not just about creating beautiful smiles; it’s about the artistry and precision that she brings to each procedure. Patients often remark on the beauty and natural appearance of their results, a testament to Dr. Phan’s skill and dedication. She believes that every patient deserves a smile that reflects their inner beauty and confidence, and she works tirelessly to achieve this.

Beyond her technical prowess, Dr. Phan is known for her caring and compassionate demeanor. She understands that dental visits can be a source of anxiety for many, and she strives to create a warm and welcoming environment where patients feel at ease. Her empathetic approach ensures that each patient receives personalized care tailored to their unique needs. Whether it’s a routine check-up or a complex cosmetic procedure, Dr. Phan’s priority is the well-being and comfort of her patients.

Recently, Dr. Phan has developed a deep interest in airway dental health, focusing on issues such as tethered oral tissues (TOTs, tongue ties, lip ties) and airway obstruction. She is committed to furthering her education in these areas, recognizing the significant impact they can have on overall health and quality of life. This new passion underscores her holistic approach to dentistry, where she considers not just the teeth, but the entire well-being of her patients.

Dr. Phan’s journey is one of continuous learning and unwavering dedication to her patients. Her meticulous nature, compassionate care, and artistic talent make her a cherished provider in our community. We invite you to experience the difference that Dr. Phan brings to dental care—where every smile is a masterpiece crafted with love and precision.